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Located in the University of Wisconsin Research Park in Madison, Wisconsin, USA, Metabiologics, Inc. is currently manufacturing and selling all seven serotypes of botulinum toxin for use by accredited researchers on a worldwide basis. Metabiologics manufactures toxin products to the highest industry standard for purity and specific activity. Customized product specifications and order quantities are available upon request. Antibodies to botulinum toxins are now available.



Mouse Bioassays for Botulinum Toxins and Antibodies
Neurotoxin Coated Plates for Botulinum Antibody Detection and Quantitation ($200/96 well plate)
Metabiologics now offers both in vivo and in vitro toxin testing

Metabiologics is committed to the development of novel, rapid and sensitive botulinal toxin detection systems. Accordingly, individuals and corporate entities are encouraged to contact us regarding potential experimental collaborations.

All toxin products and services provided by Metabiologics are for Research Use Only.

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